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"New generation of information technology and manufacturing deep integration" theme summit held in our city
RELEASE TIME:2017-07-04 BROWSE:3336

By November 15th, -16, as one of the theme series activities of "China made 2025 nation, thousand people and ten thousand plan", the theme of "deep integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry" will be held in our city. Leading experts and entrepreneurs gathered Chinese Academy of engineering, Li Peigen, Shen Changxiang and other electronic information and intelligent manufacturing, jointly build a docking platform integration of informationization and industrialization depth, discuss industry development plan.

The Ministry of science and technology policy, law and supervision division, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the European and American students' Union, the Chinese Academy of Sciences software research institute, the national "thousand plan" expert association leaders attended the meeting. Party secretary Li Yifei speech, Jinhua Municipal Committee, organization minister warm Award for the experts, mayor Sheng Qiuping presided over the opening ceremony of the summit. City leaders Xu Hanxing and Wang Xinfeng attended the meeting.

Li Yifei said in his speech, Yiwu entrepreneurial atmosphere, broad development platform, resources abundant, talent policy is superior, overseas talent innovation and entrepreneurial stage, also can display their talents, highlighting the value of fertile soil. At present, the transformation and development of Yiwu urgently need to borrow wisdom, leveraging the need to bring together the world's elite, and seek common transformation and development. In the "2025 Chinese manufacturing plan" and "Internet plus" background, we build a platform, one hand to discuss the integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth, start brilliant ideas, to better guide the transformation and development; on the other hand, hope that through this event, let the experts, professionals and entrepreneurs in Yiwu let more in-depth exchanges and cooperation in science and technology achievements in Yiwu this piece of land, innovative air plant fruits.

Xia Yingqi, vice president of the association of American and European students, introduced the students' Association in Europe and america. He hopes that the returnees, thousands of people plan winners in innovation and entrepreneurship to endure loneliness, can withstand the pressure, stand up, carry up play, and the local government, industrial parks and enterprises to create the most suitable talent development platform and channel, has a broad mind to allow high technological innovation and entrepreneurial talent the failure of government co-ordination, guidance, maintain fair competition, give support to the innovation of science and technology.

Provincial Party Committee Organization Department personnel office director Zhang Xuming to the city to promote the "Internet plus the traditional industry, the depth of integration of the two achievements fully affirmed. He said, grasping talent is to grasp the development and seek innovation is to seek the future, improve industrial structure, technological innovation must rely on talent breakthrough, must face the world's talent, entrepreneurship and innovation is the development of the talent the most scarce and valuable resources, warmly welcome home and abroad to come to Yiwu, to Zhejiang entrepreneurial innovation, create their own wonderful.

It is reported that "Chinese manufacturing 2025 - thousand million people, the national plan" theme series of activities leading to "talent, integration and development" for the purpose, to plan major breakthroughs in the field as the basis, to high level talents as the core, with local advantages and leading industry as the foundation, play people plan, people plan etc. leading role of high-end talent, talent and fusion to promote the development of China manufacturing industry. Conference report, interactive forum, exchange speech, butt joint negotiation...... The conference is rich in content, through the national strategic policy level, industry authority level, business leader and I share the relevant policies issued interpretation methods and the fusion depth of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, promote Yiwu enterprises and entrepreneurs to actively innovation, boost Yiwu commerce industry, the traditional manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading.

"Thousand person plan" expert is the key overseas scientific and technological innovation, technological breakthrough, discipline construction and other aspects of high-level overseas talents, is an important force in the construction of an innovative country. The introduction and training of "thousand people plan" experts is a crucial element in the work of talents at all levels, and is of great significance to the promotion of regional economic innovation and development. In recent years, the city has made gratifying achievements in personnel work, in 2014, the state and Zhejiang province "thousand people plan" selected, have achieved new breakthroughs. Among them, there are three experts selected the national "thousand people plan", three experts selected in Zhejiang province "thousand people plan."". At the meeting, several experts received government funding, Zhejiang people plan Yiwu Industrial Park also award.