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Push the construction of harmonious Yiwu to help sharing
RELEASE TIME:2017-07-04 BROWSE:3727

By the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the Party pointed out that must adhere to the development is for the people and by the people and the fruits of development shared by the people, make institutional arrangements more effective, so that all the people sharing in the development of more sense to enhance the development of power, gain, improve people's solidarity, steady progress towards the direction of common prosperity. In recent days, "shared development" has aroused heated discussion in all circles of our city. We all said that the plenary session proposed "let the people share the fruits of development", which fully embodies the ruling concept of "people-oriented and governing for the people". All the people first, in recent years, the municipal government clearly perceived well-being of people, play a strong responsibility for people's livelihood, livelihood, a new one practical livelihood, festooned with people in the city of hope and dreams, to boost the construction of harmonious Yiwu unremitting efforts.

"Plenary session of the report on the improvement of medical security put forward higher requirements, but also for our work put forward higher requirements."." The Municipal Bureau of human security, we must continue to improve the social security system, and actively promote the small and medium-sized enterprise annuity pilot collection of talent, the steady implementation of the endowment insurance system reform; to deepen the reform of the medical insurance payment, improve the Medicare intelligent monitoring platform. Last year, the city's social insurance coverage in the ten major livelihood tasks, and in March to take the lead in the province to carry out social insurance coverage pilot work. As of the end of last year, the city has basically achieved full coverage of the household population, the new insured 154 thousand people.

As one of the earliest cities to carry out a serious illness insurance in the province, the city in the July 2013 test run a serious illness insurance, illness insurance at the end of June this year, a total of reimbursement of medical expenses 49 million 938 thousand and 600 yuan, a total of 4402 people benefit, in order to effectively solve the poverty caused by illness phenomenon has played an important role.

It is worth mentioning that, in the past two years, the city has also introduced or implemented several new social security policies". For example, some opinions on the construction of new urban and rural communities in Yiwu and the basic old-age insurance for resident workers clearly pointed out that farmers participating in the construction of urban agglomeration can enjoy old-age insurance, medical care and employment insurance for urban residents.

Over the years, education equity has been a hot topic among the people. The plenary session pointed out that we should gradually classify and promote secondary vocational education to avoid tuition and fees. In the city of a vocational and technical school for many years, Mao teachers for the point of praise, that this will greatly enhance the position of Vocational Education in the minds of the masses, the popularization of vocational education has a very big role in promoting. After many efforts, last year, the city introduced Dalian Maple Leaf International Education and other well-known brand of education, Zhejiang Normal University Affiliated Experimental School, primary school and kindergarten formally operational, College of mechanical and electrical engineers successfully introduced the German dual system of education model.

In addition to education, health care is also a hot topic of public concern. Zhejiang University Affiliated fourth hospitals put into use, the mall maternity hospital and other private hospitals built, central hospital two phase of the main project top, these will effectively alleviate Yiwu people "see a doctor" difficult". "I have to take blood tests every month. Before that, because of one of the indicators, Yiwu's hospitals were not able to be tested, and they only had to go to hospitals in Hangzhou. Since a four have the test content, no longer have to travel between Yiwu and Hangzhou." The morning of November 12th, suffering from thyroid disease people Mr. Lou did not spend much time in a hospital, well done correlation detection.

These years, more and more foreign builders in Yiwu entrepreneurship and employment, in order to retain more high-quality personnel, the city has issued a series of policies and initiatives. To "points home" policy, for example, according to the relevant provisions, where the points are 80 points, while meeting age, physical, legal and other requirements, you can apply for home in our city. Last August, the city has promulgated the "opinions on strengthening the protection of qualified personnel housing" and other 3 policy documents, and comprehensively started the housing guarantee work for qualified personnel. By August of this year, 2014 of the implementation of the housing policy has been completed, 465 people completed the purchase, the government cash subsidies 190 million yuan purchase.