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The "heart of Yiwu" Xiongzi early
RELEASE TIME:2017-07-04 BROWSE:3402

Hailed as the "Yiwu ham core" plots of North Gate Street and workers West Road intersection of "Yiwu heart" construction site, a huge five storey building has been erected. This piece of a mysterious "yarn" of the "heart of Yiwu", first majestic. According to Yiwu business travel Investment Development Co., Ltd. Wan Guorong said, is currently carrying out the main 6 storey construction, the end of the 8 main body all top, is expected to be completed by the end of 2016, opened in early 2017.

"Heart of Yiwu" city life square is the key project of our city. It is also a major project in Zhejiang to expand the effective investment, "411", with a total investment of 2 billion yuan. The project in the center of Yiwu Lake District by the workers out of print block, West Road, North Gate Street, new street Wai, covers an area of 48 thousand square meters, total construction area of 270 thousand square meters, with 300 meters long street leisure promenade, nearly 5000 square meters, 36 square meters of outdoor atrium, underground parking facilities 2100 more than.

"Heart of Yiwu" by the Hangzhou business travel group and the mall group jointly developed, and long-term holders of operations. The project consists of AEDAS aedas designed one of the world's largest architectural firm, the appearance of the building like an aircraft carrier. The architectural design of the project has won many international awards, including the prestigious British architectural review, the MIPIM Architecture Award, the Asia Pacific Real Estate Award - the retail architecture excellence award.

"The heart of Yiwu", "city life square" overall positioning for the Yiwu city center, full format, intelligent, full time, experiential life center, covering the whole floor of Yiwu. The project by the shopping center, outdoor pedestrian street, cultural square, green roof platform, covering retail catering and leisure entertainment and living services, business, cultural, education and training and other functions, is expected to attract more than 300 brand businesses, most brands for the first time to enter the market in Yiwu.

It is reported that the "heart of Yiwu" project, has been with the international well-known fast fashion boutique supermarket, IMAX cinema, bar, restaurant, famous trend of large amusement industry businesses reached a settled intention, the intention of signing rate reached more than 30%, will be completed this year all the main shop merchants. At present, international famous products, men and women clothing, food and beverage, leisure, living home, beauty, SPA, children's formats and other categories of investment is in full swing.