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Strengthen and improve the management of leading personnel in industry and institutions
RELEASE TIME:2017-07-04 BROWSE:3560

The day before, the part of the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of education, jointly with the Ministry of science and technology, the national health and Family Planning Commission issued "the propaganda and ideological and cultural systems and institutions of leadership management Interim Measures" "higher school leaders" "Interim Measures for the management of school personnel management procedures" to "scientific research institutions of leadership management Interim Measures" "public hospital leadership personnel management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the 5 way), to make specific provisions on all aspects of leadership in these industries and institutions for breeding, to provide institutional support for the construction of high-quality staff and institutions with leading cadres standard team.

5 ways to insist on cadres and dangguanrencai, adhere to have both ability and political integrity, to Germany first, adhere to act according to the law, adhere to strict management supervision and incentive care combined with reasonable fair evaluation, and use, fully mobilize their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of entrepreneurship.

The 5 way is not simply apply the leadership of Party and government leading cadres management institutions, the qualification conditions, adhere to the correct selection and employment oriented, in addition to the requirements of good political quality, but also have strong management ability, professional level and occupation accomplishment; in the selection and appointment of stressed, widen the employment view, to break the limitation, flexible to take a variety of ways to promote talent talent shows itself. The 5 way is to link up with the reform of the industry system, set aside interfaces for deepening the reform of the personnel system in the future and leave room for the local and industrial management.

The 5 method puts forward a series of policy measures with different emphases and distinctive characteristics in light of the actual situation of different industries. On the propaganda and ideological and cultural institutions, prominent political attributes, strengthen ideological position management responsibility, selection of main responsible person and the important position of public opinion propaganda leaders, adopt the principle of internal and external selection select manner, generally do not engage in competition (recruits) on posts and public selection (recruits), the political orientation in the first place in the study of assessment.