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NDRC: to take comprehensive measures to promote coal prices return to reasonable range
RELEASE TIME:2017-07-04 BROWSE:3890

The day before from the national development and Reform Commission to resolve the overcapacity in coal, this year it is necessary to ensure the completion of the mission objectives, and to co-ordinate a good capacity to guarantee the supply and price stability, the relationship, to ensure a stable supply of coal.

Held a teleconference on the national development and Reform Commission, the full deployment of the overall good capacity to ensure the supply of coal, and stabilizing prices and other key work, this year to focus on more aspects of the use of market-oriented measures to legalization work capacity.

Development and Reform Commission requirements continue to increase environmental protection, land, quality, safety, energy consumption and other regulatory enforcement efforts, and always maintain a high pressure situation, to severely punish illegal acts resolutely; adhere to the effective release of advanced capacity in ensuring the premise of safety and the reduction replacement.

Development and Reform Commission proposed: to take comprehensive measures to promote coal prices return to reasonable range. Actively guide coal and related enterprises to establish long-term stable, mutually beneficial cooperation relationship, scientific grasp the capacity, production and rhythm. In order to make production tasks, we should pay attention to the effective connection with the continuous resources in the timing arrangement. To focus on long-term shutdown, stop the "zombie enterprise", illegal and substandard coal mines, low security levels, high-risk coal mines, as well as other backward production capacity of coal mines.